• Choosing the Right Fireplace for You

    As you are creating a design scheme for your living room, it is critical to consider your fireplace installation. A fireplace can infuse any interior space with cozy cheer. During your fireplace installation, you will have many different factors to consider. For example, fireplace mantels and doors are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. In addition, you will need to decide whether gas logs will be the best fit for your home.

    From stone fireplaces to contemporary fireplaces, the sky is the limit when it comes to your fireplace design ideas. A company offering fireplace in Chantilly can answer all of your questions about your new fireplace design. To learn how to choose the right fireplace for you, check out this video from HBTV.

  • The Installation of a Stone Fireplace Surround

    A stone fireplace surround can provide your home with an excellent boost in aesthetics. This type of design for a fireplace in Chantilly works particularly well in homes that feature rural themes. Watch this video clip to learn a bit about the installation of a stone fireplace surround.

    The installation of a stone fireplace surround requires an artistic eye and some skill when it comes to mixing and matching. You will first have to plan out the way you want your fireplace surround to appear and then outline its form. It is important to keep the location and position of the mantle in mind when laying out the stone. After laying down an initial coat of mortar you can briefly sweep it to add some texture and then add pieces of stone, shaping them manually as you go. Consider alternating colors and shapes in order to complete one cohesive fireplace aesthetic.

  • Alternatives to Wood-Burning Fireplaces

    The luxury of comfortably sitting by the hearth in Chantilly is one that everyone should be able to enjoy; however, this luxury comes with hidden consequences if you burn wood in your fireplace . Fortunately there are several other kinds of fireplaces that can provide the aesthetics and outdoor heating you are looking for. Here is a brief overview of some of the alternatives to wood-burning fireplaces.


    Wood-burning fireplaces present a number of hazards and drawbacks that other types of fireplaces do not; in addition to the fact that they hurt the environment by contributing to global warning, they also create toxic smoke that is harmful if inhaled. If you are really in love with the look of a traditional fireplace but not in love with the threats they pose, a gas fireplace may be the right choice for your home . Gas log fireplaces are safe and effective alternatives that can be just as aesthetically pleasing as their traditional counterparts. They are composed of gas burner modules and gas logs, which are made to look indistinguishable from real wood. These fireplaces are not completely infallible as they do produce small amounts of pollution, but the smoke is directed through a vent and out of the house; they are much less harmful to the environment than wood burning fireplaces.

    Alcohol Gel

    Individuals who place a heavy emphasis on aesthetic appeal over warmth and function may gravitate towards alcohol gel fireplaces. This type of unit can replicate the sounds and scents of a traditional fireplace, and different scents are available for purchase. Odorless fuel is also an option for those who do not enjoy the classic fireplace aroma.

    Electric Insert

    Alternatives to Wood-Burning Fireplaces | Chantilly

    If you are especially concerned with your carbon footprint and environmental impact, an electric fireplace might suit your needs. Unlike gas and alcohol gel fireplaces, this type does not create any pollution at all. It is powered by electricity and newer models can create realistic looking flames with the help of advanced lighting technology. Electric insert fireplaces are also likely to enjoy a substantially longer working life than gas fireplaces.

  • All About Home Living Fireplaces

    From beautiful fireplaces to efficient stoves in Chantilly, there are a number of elements that can improve your outdoor living and heating. Whether you are having trouble narrowing down your mantel options or would like to understand gas logs more fully, the professionals at Home Living Fireplaces can help you find what you need for your home. Continue reading if you are interested in learning all about Home Living Fireplaces.

    About Home Living Fireplaces | Chantilly At Home Living Fireplaces we are dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect grill, stove, or hearth for their needs. We have an impressive array of products to choose from; whether you are looking for an entire new gas fireplace or components of one such as fireplace screens or doors, we can help you find what you need. In addition to being able to help you locate and acquire the materials you are looking for, we are also committed to using our knowledge and expertise to help you install and maintain the products you purchase. If you do not know much about fireplaces, feel free to ask our team of expert professionals any questions you may have so that you can be confident in your decisions.

  • Maintenance Tips for Your New Fireplace

    If you recently installed a new fireplace near Chantilly , it’s important to keep up with maintenance so that it looks and performs well for years to come. At Home Living Fireplaces, we have more than 45 years of experience in fireplace installation, maintenance, and service. In this article we will take a look at some of the most important maintenance tips to follow. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an annual inspection, please give us a call for more information.

    Remove Buildup

    Some gas fireplaces experience debris buildup. Ceramic logs, in particular, have been known to slowly deteriorate, which clogs vents. If the outside chimney is cracked or the mortar joints are falling apart, moisture can enter the chimney, which causes the flue tiles to break and fall into the hearth. To reduce the chances of this happening, have the fireplace thoroughly cleaned once per year—inside and out.

    Test Functionality

    Over time, the equipment in a gas fireplace might start to show signs of deterioration. This is why it is important to have the valves and connections inspected regularly for leaks. The thermopile, thermocouple, and logs should be checked to be sure they are in correct placement and in working condition. If you ever turn the switch of your gas fireplace on, and notice that the pilot light is on but that the fireplace doesn’t ignite, turn it off right away. This indicates a malfunction that should be handled by a fireplace service professional.

    Inspect Ventilation

    Maintenance Tips for Your New Fireplace

    Gas fireplaces burn clean, so they never create any creosote or soot buildup in the chimney. But the ventilation still needs to be inspected annually, because moisture problems can cause a serious safety hazard due to improper ventilation.

    Follow Safety Precautions

    Only clean your gas fireplace after it has cooled down sufficiently. Wiping down the fireplace glass door with a damp cloth while the unit is hot can crack the glass. Install a carbon monoxide detector next to your fireplace so that you know ahead of time if there is a malfunction that could potentially be life-threatening.

  • Design Ideas for Your Fireplace Installation

    A fireplace is a luxurious addition to any room in your home. Whether you want to create a romantic nook in your master suite or a breathtaking centerpiece in your living room, a fireplace is the perfect touch. Gas, propane, and stone fireplaces will also add value to your home and give you another feature to highlight on home listings should you ever decide to sell. Although you can create the custom fireplace of your dreams when you work with a fireplace design company in Chantilly, consider the following design ideas for inspiration.

    Floor-to-Ceiling Surround

    If you have a large bedroom or living room, a floor-to-ceiling fireplace surround is a great way to accentuate high ceilings and give the room an even larger feel. Brick, tile, and natural stone surrounds look great with any décor, including contemporary, classic, and cottage-chic. A floor-to-ceiling surround combined with a tall firebox will further emphasize the room’s large dimensions.

    Multiple Materials and Textures

    When designing your custom fireplace, don’t feel inclined to use one material on the entire firebox and surround. Using multiple materials and textures will add complexity to your home’s new focal point. Marble and natural stone go great together, as does hardwood mantels and brick. Your fireplace designer can show you examples of material pairings that work best.

    Functional Mantel Space

    Design Ideas for Your Fireplace Installation A functional mantel will not only add depth to your fireplace, but it will also allow you more opportunities to accentuate and design around the marble, stone, or brick surround. Place candles, figurines, potted plants and flowers, artwork, or even a flat-screen television on your fireplace’s mantel.

    As you’re researching fireplace designs, save pictures of fireplaces you love and share them with your Chantilly fireplace installation company. Working with a reputable designer can help make your fireplace installation or upgrade a pleasant and hassle-free experience.