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Gas & Propane Fireplace Inserts in Northern Virginia

We specialize in helping you select a gas insert for your existing wood burning fireplace and installing it to meet all safety codes. We have styles from contemporary to traditional. These products are beautiful and highly efficient zone heaters for your home.

Since they can be directly vented through your existing chimney they do not affect air quality in your home and can have efficiency ratings of greater than 80%. If you are looking for efficient heating, these inserts with optional blowers, heat exchangers, thermostats and direct venting are much better choices than their wood burning counterparts. They work well in power outages so they will always keep you warm and cozy.

Gas inserts are a wonderful way to convert an ordinary open fireplace into an efficient and attractive heater. Available in a range of sizes to fit most fireplaces, gas inserts offer adjustable flame height and heat output controls as well as thermostats.

Gas inserts come in various options and configurations ranging from traditional log fires to ceramic stones or decorative glass and pebbles. Trims and doors both standard and custom can be added to give the insert you choose a finish that is unique to your fireplace. To see the variety of fireplace insert options visit Home Living Fireplace’s showroom located in Chantilly VA.

Venting & Chimney

The majority of gas venting systems are called “Direct-Vent.”This means that the termination or exhaust can terminate vertically or horizontally. There are several ways to accomplish this. In the case of fireplaces and stoves we often specify a concentric pipe that incorporates an inner liner for exhaust and an air space between the inner and outer liner that brings combustion air to the stove or fireplace. In the case of inserts or stoves in existing chimneys, we can use co-linear vent system that incorporate 2 smaller flexible liners and a termination that separates the intake and exhaust. Either way, we can help you establish a proper venting system for the appliance of your choice. The beauty of “Direct-Vent”technology is that there is no longer any interior “room” air being drawn-into the fireplace. This eliminates many draft issues and enhances efficiency.

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