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Gas Log Installation in VA. MD. DC.

Gas Logs burn cleaner than smoke-producing wood fires, reducing pollution and soot accumulation in your chimney. Their beauty and warmth provide comfort and pleasure for as long as you own your home. A set of gas logs consists of a gas burner and a set of manufactured fire wood made from fireproof molded refractory cement, extruded bisque ceramic clay or molded ceramic fibers, depending on the manufacturer and model. Whether vented or vent-free, they are a great way to enjoy a fire in an existing wood fireplace and are a good choice for a fire with little mess or environmental impact. Gas logs will save you the work of cutting, hauling and cleaning up after wood logs.

Vented gas logs are our most realistic gas product for wood burning fireplaces. They replace wood as the fuel and in so doing replace the cutting, storing, cleaning up that goes along with wood burning. Gas logs suit the living style of many people in our area. They are easy and clean and as a result our customers are using there fireplaces a lot more than they did before. These products draw air from the room for combustion and the by products are vented up through the existing chimney. No liners or modification of an existing sound chimney is necessary.

Like wood burning fires, most of the heat exits up the chimney. If you are more interested in heating efficiency we would suggest you consider a gas insert or a vent free gas log. Vent-free gas log products draw air from the inside of the home and burn so efficiently that there is no need for venting. They are the optimal choice as an additional heat source. Vent-free units should not be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms or other confined spaces, and are for occasional, attended and supplemental use only. Because vent-free natural gas hearth products are certified as vent-free space heaters, they are required to have an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS). Our experienced staff would be happy to help you select the best product for your needs and budget.

Once a gas line is provided to your fireplace, a gas log set can be installed and operated by the turn of a dial, the flip of a switch or the touch of a remote. Log sets come in a variety of sizes and can be scaled to match the dimensions of your fireplace. In addition to a bright and lively flame, they generate a soft radiant heat to warm your hearth.

We advise a glass door to use in conjunction with your burners to finish
off your fireplace and prevent heat loss when your burners are not operating.

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