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Natural gas or propane fireplaces are an efficient alternative to the traditional wood burning fireplace options. They come in a broad variety of styles and choices to please just about any décor. They can vary from a simple gas log set installed in an existing wood burning fireplace to adding on an entire fireplace onto your current home including any mantles and an assortment of surround options.

The concept behind gas fireplaces is fairly simple. All gas fireplaces have two basic components— logs and a gas burner module. The logs are molded from a casting of natural wood logs to give it the realistic texture, depth and dimension. Through years of refining, the technologies employed to create the flames used in these fireplaces give them a look, sound and warmth that was previously only associated with wood burning fireplaces. There are even certain accessories available to give off the allusion of burning embers under the log sets. The type you choose will depend mainly on the construction of your home and how you plan to use your gas fireplace.

Gas fireplaces offer the greatest potential for creating a hearth setting tailored to your needs. Most are “Direct-Vent,” meaning the chimney location is versatile and can even terminate horizontally on an outside wall of your home.

In addition to augmenting your room with a beautiful flame picture, most gas fireplaces are highly efficient and produce a warm controlled heat. Finishing your fireplace with a mantel or stone surround will enhance its distinctive look.

Whether you are re-modeling, building a new home or simply adding a fireplace to an existing room, Home Living Fireplaces has a large variety of sizes and styles of gas fireplaces to fit your needs. Visit our beautiful Showroom in Chantilly VA, to see working models and styles.

No Chimney! No Problem!

Direct vent technology means you no longer need an expensive, elaborate chimney. Simply vent your fireplace through an outside wall and terminate horizontally. These fireplaces may also be vented vertically. The beauty of “Direct-Vent” technology is that there is no longer any interior “room” air being drawn-into the fireplace. This eliminates many draft issues and enhances efficiency.

In the case of fireplaces and stoves we often specify a concentric pipe that incorporates an inner liner for exhaust and an air space between the inner and outer liner that brings combustion air to the stove or fireplace. In the case of inserts or stoves in existing chimneys, we can use co-linear vent system that incorporate 2 smaller flexible liners and a termination that separates the intake and exhaust. Either way, we can help you establish a proper venting system for the appliance of your choice.

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