Contemporary stone fireplaces in Chantilly

Natural stone is a versatile and luxurious material that can be used to create the perfect fireplace to suit your home’s style and design. Stone is not only suited to traditional fireplace design—modern contemporary stone fireplaces add an element of warmth and personality to your space. Home Living Fireplaces specializes in custom gas fireplace design to help you create the perfect fireplace for comfortable and stylish indoor or outdoor living near Chantilly.

Designing the Perfect Contemporary Fireplace

Each home is unique, meaning that each fireplace should also be unique. Custom-designing your perfect contemporary fireplace means taking into account your preferences for material, design, location, and more.

Stone Size and Shape: Natural stone can be cut into large or small pieces to create the perfect look for your fireplace. Some of the most popular options for contemporary stone fireplaces include the use of large, identical stone blocks or an interlocking design of small, thin stone tiles. Contemporary fireplaces typically work best with polished, smooth stone tiles, but can be tailored to include more textured or natural-looking stone, depending on your personal preferences.

Stone Color: Natural stone is available in a wide variety of colors and each piece of stone is a unique work of art. Choose a stone color that complements your interior color scheme. The best colors for a fireplace that catches the eye are shades that stand out enough to command attention without clashing with your existing décor.

Mantel: Contemporary fireplaces can be designed with or without a mantel, depending on your preference. A fireplace with no mantel provides a slick, smooth surface that works best in minimalist settings. If you choose a mantel, consider one that features clean lines without ornate carvings or designs. Alternatively, a floating mantel mounted above your fireplace provides a unique and modern look.

Caring for Your Stone Fireplace

The key to getting the most from your contemporary stone fireplace is regular maintenance. Natural stone can stain easily, so cleaning is essential to keeping your fireplace in beautiful condition. You can find out more about custom fireplace design in Chantilly by calling Home Living Fireplaces today at (571) 357-3473.

  • Dust your stone fireplace and mantel regularly with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners on your fireplace, as they could cause discoloration or damage to the stone.
  • Clean stone tiles regularly using a mixture of 1/2 cup of trisodium phosphate and one gallon of hot water. Rinse away soapy residue with clean water. Alternatively, an enzymatic paste cleaner is a great eco-friendly solution.
  • Talk to your fireplace installer about whether your fireplace stone is sealed and how to re-seal it periodically for continued protection.

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