• Design Ideas for Your Fireplace Installation

    A fireplace is a luxurious addition to any room in your home. Whether you want to create a romantic nook in your master suite or a breathtaking centerpiece in your living room, a fireplace is the perfect touch. Gas, propane, and stone fireplaces will also add value to your home and give you another feature to highlight on home listings should you ever decide to sell. Although you can create the custom fireplace of your dreams when you work with a fireplace design company in Chantilly, consider the following design ideas for inspiration.

    Floor-to-Ceiling Surround

    If you have a large bedroom or living room, a floor-to-ceiling fireplace surround is a great way to accentuate high ceilings and give the room an even larger feel. Brick, tile, and natural stone surrounds look great with any décor, including contemporary, classic, and cottage-chic. A floor-to-ceiling surround combined with a tall firebox will further emphasize the room’s large dimensions.

    Multiple Materials and Textures

    When designing your custom fireplace, don’t feel inclined to use one material on the entire firebox and surround. Using multiple materials and textures will add complexity to your home’s new focal point. Marble and natural stone go great together, as does hardwood mantels and brick. Your fireplace designer can show you examples of material pairings that work best.

    Functional Mantel Space

    Design Ideas for Your Fireplace Installation A functional mantel will not only add depth to your fireplace, but it will also allow you more opportunities to accentuate and design around the marble, stone, or brick surround. Place candles, figurines, potted plants and flowers, artwork, or even a flat-screen television on your fireplace’s mantel.

    As you’re researching fireplace designs, save pictures of fireplaces you love and share them with your Chantilly fireplace installation company. Working with a reputable designer can help make your fireplace installation or upgrade a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

  • A Look at Your Efficient Fireplace Options

    A wood-burning fireplace is a wonderful focal point of your living room, but it’s not the most efficient want to heat your space. That’s because traditional wood-burning fireplaces lose a lot of heat and are very inefficient. The good news is that you can make your fireplace more efficient with a fireplace insert. A propane or gas fireplace insert can also be installed in your home even if you don’t have a wood-burning fireplace. Watch this video for more information on efficient fireplace options for your home.

    Visit a fireplace showroom in Chantilly to see examples of these and other fireplace options for your home. Consider custom trims and doors for your fireplace insert to give your new centerpiece a custom look and feel.

  • A Quick Tour of Your Gas Fireplace Options

    Just because you don’t have a chimney doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the warmth, luxury, and comfort of an indoor fireplace. Gas fireplaces vary from a simple gas log set installed in an existing wood-burning fireplace to stand-alone gas fireplace inserts. The logs are molded from a casting of natural wood to provide realistic texture, depth, and dimension inside your gas fireplace. And thanks to direct-vent technology, your gas fireplace can vent through an outside wall and terminate horizontally or vertically. The other advantage of direct-vent technology is that it eliminates many draft issues and enhances efficiency and fireplace safety.

    Consult with your Chantilly fireplace expert to learn more about your options for adding a gas fireplace inside your home. A gas fireplace can instantly enhance any room in your home. Visit a fireplace showroom to see working models and styles that will inspire your new fireplace design!

    A Quick Tour of Your Gas Fireplace Options

  • Tips for Decorating Your Mantel

    A fireplace in Chantilly can be a luxury; in addition to providing heat and comfort, it also presents the homeowner with an opportunity to add to the aesthetic of the room. Fireplace design can change the atmosphere of a room in creative ways. Watch this video for a few tips for decorating your mantel.

    If you and your family love sitting and relaxing around the hearth, do what you can to make the mantel an interesting focal point. You can hang mirrors, pictures, or pieces of landscape art above your mantel while layering smaller pieces on top of it. Hang stockings from the mantel or arrange snow themed figurines on top in time for the holidays. You can also experiment with different colors to add a modern flair to your traditional fireplace design; cover small parts of the mantel with wallpaper to change up your design in a creative manner.