• What Are The Benefits of Gas Logs?

    The beauty and comfort of a fireplace doesn’t have to come with the maintenance and difficulty of a wood-burning fireplace. These days, many homeowners would rather have a gas fireplace, which is easy to operate and does not involve messy cleanup. To learn more about the benefits of gas logs, read this article. And if you want a great deal on gas logs in Chantilly or nearby areas, contact Home Living Fireplaces today.

    What Are The Benefits of Gas Logs?

    O ne of the primary benefits of gas logs is that they look like real wood logs, except they never lose their luster. Another advantage of gas logs is that they burn cleaner than wood logs, which reduces indoor air pollution and soot accumulation in the chimney. If you are interested in making your gas fireplace more efficient for heating the room, you can even buy a vent-free gas log. These logs draw air from the inside of the home, which makes them so efficient that they do not need to be vented.

  • Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Living Room

    If you are a homeowner with plenty of space in your backyard, you may be interested in designing an outdoor living room. There are a number of ways to design this type of space, but a few essential components are necessary: Be sure to include comfortable seating for your guests, some sort of visual stimulus, and outdoor heating in Chantilly. Here are a few tips for designing your outdoor living room.

    Provide Warmth

    It is important to provide a heat source in your outdoor living room, especially if you plan on making use of it all year round. It is just this type of situation in which a fireplace thrives. A natural gas fireplace can keep your outdoor living room at a comfortable temperature , and many models use blowers for improved heat circulation. This heat source is perfect for nights when you host a gathering for your friends and family as well as those occasions when you would like to simply enjoy some alone time sitting around the hearth.

    Focal Point

    A fireplace may provide more than just heat; it can also serve as an enjoyable and entertaining focal point. Consider dressing your mantel with candles to add a warm aesthetic to your outdoor living room. A focal point helps to tie the living room together by directing the attention of its occupants. While indoor focal points are typically pieces like televisions and wall art, you have a bit more freedom to explore your creativity in an outdoor living room. The focal point of an outdoor living room may be your swimming pool, a pond, or your cooking area where you set up your grill. The more room you have in your backyard, the more freedom you have to let your creativity go to work.

    Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Living Room Plentiful Seating

    Make sure that you have adequate seating before you invite guests to your outdoor living room. This means that not only should you have enough places for everyone to sit down, you should also have different types of seating to suit the various personalities of your friends and families. Provide benches as well as individual chairs for stationary and mobile seating.

  • Spotlight on Stone Fireplaces

    A fireplace in Chantilly makes for an excellent addition to any indoor or outdoor living room. Choosing a stone fireplace can only serve to enhance the hearth’s aesthetic contribution to the space. Read on as we put a spotlight on stone fireplaces.

    Spotlight on Stone Fireplaces If you have you can envision your perfect stone fireplace complete with mantel and doors, Home Living Fireplaces can make it a reality. Stone fireplace installations allow for total customization, so your hearth can fit into your preexisting design or it can help to shape the theme of the room from the start. The same qualities apply to stone stoves as well. Each piece is designed specifically for your space with textures, colors, and sizes being taken into consideration. You can also have parts of your fireplace, like your mantel, revitalized with stone; on the other hand, you may desire wall treatments or fireplace surrounds. The array of styles of stone that is available will allow you to achieve the perfect stone fireplace for your home, infusing elements of nature into a modern space or accenting wooden structures or furniture to create a cozy and homely environment.

  • A Look at the Benefits of a Natural Gas Fireplace

    Sitting by your fireplace in Chantilly can be a great way to relax during the colder months of the year. When you sit around the hearth of a natural gas fireplace , you also get to enjoy a range of additional benefits. Read on for a closer look at the benefits of a natural gas fireplace.


    A few different factors come together to make your natural gas fireplace quite a bit safer than their wood-burning counterparts . Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, a natural gas fireplace does not require a chimney. Chimneys tend to harbor creosote, which is a flammable material that presents a danger to your home. A natural gas fireplace does not have a chimney, thus protecting your home and family from this danger. Another safety feature that the natural gas fireplace presents is the ability to control the fire. You will never have to worry about embers or sparks being spit from your fireplace, which is important if you have pets or children in the home. Thanks to the fact that these fireplaces do not create toxic fumes, even the environment is protected when you choose natural gas.


    It is always nice to relax around a wood-burning hearth and stare at the mantel, but what if you have things to attend to and cannot be near the fire for a long enough time to stay warm? This is where a natural gas fireplace presents yet another advantage. Many of these models make use of preinstalled blowers that make sure the heat from the fire spreads through the entire house. In this case, you can stay warm and enjoy the heat of the fire without having to sit right next to it.

    A Look at the Benefits of a Natural Gas Fireplace Convenient

    A gas fireplace is among the most convenient heating instruments that you may come across. Models may be turned on and off, so you have full control over exactly when the fire starts and ends. Furthermore, models may even be operated via remote control, so you and your family members will not even need to get up off of the couch to get the fire started.

  • A Closer Look at Fireplace Inserts

    Although traditional wood-burning fireplaces add luxury and comfort, they aren’t very efficient. That’s because fireplaces pull warm air out of the room and into the fire, and most of that energy is lost up the chimney and through the material that surrounds it. A fireplace insert is basically a fireproof box surrounded by steel or cast iron and fronted by insulated glass. This closed combustion system is much more efficient at zone heating than gas, propane, and wood-burning fireplaces. Here are some important things to know when shopping for fireplace inserts in Chantilly.

    Fuel Source

    Fireplace inserts can be powered by electricity, gas, propane, wood, or coal. Electric fireplace inserts are the simplest types of inserts on the market, but gas and propane offer more control and better efficiency. A gas fireplace insert typically generates between 25,000 and 40,000 BTUs of heat, which is enough to comfortable heat a medium-sized room.

    Venting System

    The majority of fireplace inserts feature gas venting systems that exhaust vertically or horizontally. For new installation, a concentric pipe with an inner liner and air space between the inner and outer liner that brings combustion air to the fireplace; for fireplace conversions, a co-linear vent system that incorporates two smaller flexible liners. These venting systems eliminate many draft issues that plague traditional fireplaces.

    Optional Features

    A fireplace liner greatly improves zone heating and efficiency, but there are optional features that can provide even greater comfort and convenience. Blowers, heat exchangers, and thermostats can be used in conjunction with gas and propane fireplace inserts to provide greater warmth and provide you with more control over your comfort level.

    Gas and propane fireplace inserts are a terrific way to convert an ordinary fireplace into an efficient and attractive space heater. You can work with a fireplace designer in Chantilly for additional design options that will give your fireplace insert a unique look.