• Matching Your Mantel to Your Home

    A mantel is an important addition to nearly every fireplace. When you are designing your dream fireplace, you will also need to consider your mantel style. Mantels can be constructed from a variety of materials, ranging from simple to ornate. For example, a stone mantel can be a handsome and timeless addition to your fireplace installation. If you are seeking a mantel that provides a simple and streamlined look, you can choose a classic beam mantle.

    Matching Your Mantel to Your Home | Chantilly, VA If you are an audiophile, you may also want to look into your options for surround sound. A full surround mantel will create an unbelievable clear and crisp listening experience. No matter the fireplace and mantel that you envision, a company offering fireplace in Chantilly can help you install the perfect mantel for your indoor spaces. By trusting your mantel installation to the professionals, you are sure to create a beautiful fireplace that you will enjoy for generations to come.

  • Make Your Home Cozy with a Stone Fireplace

    A home should feel safe, comfortable, and cozy, and there are countless ways that you can achieve these elements. A warm fireplace in Chantilly with an inviting hearth and a decorated mantel is always a good place to start. Keep reading if you are interested in learning how to make your home cozy with a stone fireplace.

    A fireplace or stove can require a substantial amount of space within your home, even if you choose a small unit. If you want to make the most of your space it is a good idea to invest in a fireplace that can serve multiple purposes, especially if your living space is not particularly expansive in the first place. Consider going with a stone fireplace that features a raised foundation; working with the vertical space in your home allows you to leave some room to move around in smaller living spaces. You can keep extra logs or even family board games in the storage space that is available under the raised hearth. A multi-functioning stone fireplace can help save space while still offering a gathering area where the family can relax.

    Focal Point
    Make Your Home Cozy with a Stone Fireplace in Chantilly Fireplaces are natural attention grabbers and thus do an exceptional job of enhancing a living space’s aesthetic appeal . Focus on this quality when you design your stone fireplace. Custom fireplaces can be made to fit the themes that are already present within your living space, allowing for a seamless integration when you have your fireplace installed. Consider the way you can design and decorate your mantel in order to further the existing aesthetic of your living space. If your family loves decorating for the holidays, the mantel above your stone fireplace is a perfect place to start.

    Slow Release Soapstone
    Your fireplace can’t be too cozy if it doesn’t keep you warm. Consider a dense soapstone fireplace that can heat your room slowly and steadily over the course of many hours. Since the soapstone absorbs the heat from the fire and then transmits it into the room, the heating properties may last long after the fire has stopped burning.

  • Reasons to Have an Outdoor Fire Pit

    As delightful as it might be to sit around your living room fireplace in Chantilly with your family, it can be just as comfortable to do so outside. Outdoor fire pits also come with a plethora of additional benefits that make them more than worthwhile. Continue reading to take a look at a few reasons to have an outdoor fire pit.

    Reasons to Have an Outdoor Fire Pit in Chantilly Now that the the snow has melted and the nights are starting to get warmer, spending time outdoors transforms from a novelty into a daily activity. Outdoor living can always be more entertaining and welcoming with an outdoor fire pit in your backyard. Not only can you sit around the fire with your family like you could at your indoor fireplace, you can also invite the neighborhood over because of the extra space you are utilizing in your yard. A nice outdoor fire pit can also provide a wonderful focal point that can enhance the aesthetics of your entire property. Whether you like to host large neighborhood gatherings or simply like to roast marshmallows with your friends on summer weekday nights, an outdoor fire pit is a great choice for your home.

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  • The Installation of a Stone Fireplace Surround

    A stone fireplace surround can provide your home with an excellent boost in aesthetics. This type of design for a fireplace in Chantilly works particularly well in homes that feature rural themes. Watch this video clip to learn a bit about the installation of a stone fireplace surround.

    The installation of a stone fireplace surround requires an artistic eye and some skill when it comes to mixing and matching. You will first have to plan out the way you want your fireplace surround to appear and then outline its form. It is important to keep the location and position of the mantle in mind when laying out the stone. After laying down an initial coat of mortar you can briefly sweep it to add some texture and then add pieces of stone, shaping them manually as you go. Consider alternating colors and shapes in order to complete one cohesive fireplace aesthetic.