The Advantages of Gas Log Fireplaces

While a natural wood-burning fireplace in Chantilly can provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere to get you and your family through cold winter nights, this type of heating system also comes with a number of drawbacks. Fortunately, gas fireplaces can be used to create a similar experience without the negative consequences. Keep reading to take a look at some of the advantages of gas log fireplaces.

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces offer a pleasant environment at the expense of relatively extensive maintenance and clean up; between setting up the wood, enjoying the fire, and cleaning up the ash afterwards, starting a fire in a wood-burning fireplace is always a project that takes a few hours. Gas log fireplaces, on the other hand, are designed with convenience in mind. Simply turn on the fireplace whenever you want to use it and turn it off when you are finished; many gas logs can even be operated via remote control. You will not have to add additional logs to the fire to keep it burning and you will not be left with a substantial amount of ash to clean up once you put the fire out. Additionally, gas logs are so much cheaper than wood that the fireplace may pay for itself in savings in as little as two years.

Environmental Impact
If you are concerned with the impact your habits have on the environment, you will be pleased to learn that gas log fireplaces are more environmentally friendly than their traditional wood-burning counterparts. Wood-burning fireplaces aggravate already existing pollution concerns by introducing particulate matter into the atmosphere, whereas fireplaces that burn natural gas do not. While gas logs are not completely emission free, they do enjoy substantially reduced emissions compared to wooden logs.

Advantages of Gas Log Fireplaces | Chantilly Safety
Gas log fireplaces eliminate the various safety concerns that wood-burning fireplaces present. You will not have to worry about creosote coating your chimney and creating the risk of accidental combustion. Termites will not be able to infest your home through natural wooden logs, and there will be no harmful sparks being emitted from your chimney as you enjoy your fire.